6 Things You Did Not Know About Rose Water

Have you ever heard of rose water?

Rose water is the liquid produced after rose petals have been steeped in water. It has been used for hundreds of years because there are so many benefits to using it. You can use it for beauty, medicinal purposes, or even in culinary arts.

Here are six reasons you should say YES to the petals.

1. Rose water helps treat wounds.

Rose water has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, so it fights infections. It also helps treat cuts, burns, and scars.

2. Rose water helps your digestive health.

Yes. You can drink rose water. Studies have shown that ingesting rose water can be quite helpful with digestion problems. Some people mix it in their smoothies or make delicious rose water beverages.

3. It helps maintain your skin’s pH balance.

A healthy skin pH is slightly acidic. People disturb their skin’s pH every day by being unclean, washing too much, using the wrong cosmetics, or experiencing the harmful pollutants in the environment. A disrupted skin pH can cause acne, wrinkles and open the door for free radicals to come in. If you are looking to balance your skin, using rose water topically will help bring its pH where it should be.

4. Rose water reduces skin irritation and redness.

If you or someone you know has eczema or irritated skin, rose water may be useful. It’s anti-inflammatory and soothing, so it calms irritation and redness.

5. It’s anti-aging and has strong antioxidants.

Rose water is often found in beauty products because it helps protect your skin from damage, especially from sun exposure. It has anti-aging properties that help keep your skin youthful-looking.

6. Rose water is a mood booster.

Rosewater has anti-depressant properties. Simply inhaling rosewater vapors help improve your mood by relieving stress, depression and even helping with grief.

Rosewater is a natural substance that is good for your body, beauty, and mental health. For skincare that defends you from harmful pollutants, balances your skin's pH, and fights the look of aging, purchase the

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